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South Central - "Pitfalls and Corridors" EP + DJ Mix

I remember seeing South Central for the first time about 3 or 4 years ago. Ashamedly I was not actually there to see them, the band I was there to see I can't actually remember anymore. Something with a Q or a Y maybe... whatever,  I do know that the South Central guys have stuck with me ever since.

Playing a lot of their trade around Europe, South Central play a dark, bass-heavy strand of electro/rock/dubstep, characterized by distorted vocals and indie disco remixes. The pair have been killing dance floors and rock gigs alike since 2006. They also have garnered a name for themselves at many of their live shows by making  music 'on the fly' aka they make it up on the spot.

They have just dropped a new EP named Pitfalls and Corridors. You can listen to a couple of tracks below and catch the rest for free via the link below. Not satisfied with one goodie bag of free filth and beatz, the pair also just put up a free mix for download. Trust me when I say this mix is FIRE!

Stream: South Central - Dance of the Skeletons

Stream: South Central - Japan

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/31057339"]
South Central - Live in Paris

Download: South Central - Pitfalls and Corridors EP

Dubstep · Electro


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