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Brown Shoe - "Sick Man" [Earmilk Exclusive]

Back in October, we introduced to you all to Brown Shoe, a five-piece, indie-rock outfit that recently released their latest LP The Gift Horse. EARMILK had the pleasure to debut the band's "Diving Bell" single prior to the album's release, and we are pleased to present another track from The Gift Horse with "Sick Man."

During the recording process of The Gift Horse, frontman Ryan Baggaley fell ill due to a rare and unusual blood infection. Following his dismissal from the hospital, Baggaley began to write the vocals for what would quickly become "Sick Man." Unfortunately, Baggaley was readmitted into the hospital as the infection began to reemerge. While Baggaley has spent the year successfully recovering, "Sick Man" offers a glimpse not only into the dedication of the band, but also into the oft-therapeutic nature of the band's songs. "Sick Man" strays away from the band's usual majestic sound and instead brings a lot more intimacy with the use of a soft piano and Baggaley's personal lyrics.

Listen to Brown Shoe's "Sick Man" below, and make sure to check out The Gift Horse out now.

Download: Brown Shoe - "Sick Man"

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