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Skrillex - Breathe [Studio Version]

Found this lurking in the deep depths of the 'blog world.' It seems the studio version of "Breathe" just got leaked, showing a new side to Skrillex. Rumour has it that this is going to be on his new EP to come out shortly. God knows where these things get leaked from but when I downloaded the track from the scandalous sites one often downloads songs like this from, I kid you not, in the info on iTunes it was labeled as the 8th track of an unknown amount. I have no idea if this means that it's been leaked from a new EP to come out or just that in its travels from Skrillex to us someone's labeled it the 8th song, regardless, it at least gives me hope and firms my belief that Skrillex has an EP forthcoming. As well that there could be up to 8 tracks on this album?! Who knows.

How about we all listen to the song and enjoy a calmer side of Skrillex.

      08 Breathe
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Chillout · Dubstep


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