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Daily 2% - Chilled and Ready to Serve [Chuuwee + Mean Doe Green]

This is your Daily 2% - Chilled and Ready to Serve. We will try to bring you one "chill" track every day. This is for when you get home and you are trying to unwind. You reach for that glass of wine or that unlit Black & Mild or maybe you reach for something more herbal. This track is for those times. We are just your milkmen and I'm here to make a delivery. Chill...

Today's delivery is brought to you by Chuuwee featuring Mean Doe Green. You know what time it is when a hip-hop track comes through on this feature. It's time to get your head nod on and it don't matter if you perfectly on beat or not, just keep it smooth. Today's track is called "Keep It Real (On The Real)" and is the first single from Chuuwee's upcoming sophomore album entitled Crown Me King. He's already been featured on Daily 2% quite a few times just because the production is always on point and he always keeps the smooth lyricism on point much like Nas. Sometimes you have to wonder how lame Hip-Hop might be if Nas never existed but luckily we only have to imagine what that world might be like. Anyway, check out the track and pickup Chuuwee's album which drops this Friday. Check out the track and chill....

      Chuuwee - Keep It Real (On The Real) f. Mean Doe Green
Download: Chuuwee - Keep It Real(On The Real) (Feat. Mean Doe Green)



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