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Introducing: Skeleton Zoo

Hailing from upstate New York, Skeleton Zoo is the experimental project of Steve Goodwin and Ezekiel "Zeek" Barnett. Back in August, the duo released their debut EP, The Busride. With an album cover filled with retro-India images, The Busride is a collection of glitchy samples and haunting loops fans of catacombkid will enjoy.

"Rainbow Road (28 Children Disperse)" is a gem from the EP. Using a variety of high-pitch synths and multi-layered beats, as well as a vocal sample from Why?'s "Twenty Eight", Skeleton Zoo creates a very engaging atmosphere within the song that demonstrates the duo's uncanny ability to create good experimental music.

      08 Rainbow Road (28 Children Disperse)
Download: Skeleton Zoo - "Rainbow Road (28 Children Disperse)"

Currently, Skeleton Zoo is in the midst of recording another EP, all while being continents apart. Yes, you read that right, continents apart. Goodwin, who currently studies at Oberlin College, works remotely with Barnett, who is studying abroad in Harbin, China.

"Since coming to college, we work over email," Barnett said in an email. "We email files and tracks back and forth to each other until we're both satisfied. Then, we often meet up on a break or something to complete the songs."

Titled The Four Directions Plus Upward and Downward, the duo's new EP will feature music centered on the theme of exploring mathematical and scientific concepts. Although the new EP is currently under production, The Four Directions Plus Upward and Downward currently does not have a release date. Goodwin assured, however, that the new EP will be released sometime in the near future.

      02 Devils Lettuce
Download: Skeleton Zoo - "Devil's Lettuce"

Skeleton Zoo is definitely a new act to look out for this coming year. With the release of The Busride, not even distance will be able to stop these guys from surprising us in 2012.

Electronic · Experimental · Indie · Synth


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