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Earmilk TV - Boys Noize

I recently sat down with Boys Noize, AKA Alex Ridha, prior to his Toronto show to discuss playing in Boston Vs. Berlin, discovering acid at a young age and his upcoming projects.  It's difficult to fathom the logistics and time management required to balance the rigorous tour schedule he faces with running two labels and allotting time for the studio.  Aside from a recently released anthology of his remixes which can be pre ordered here, Boys Noize's latest original production includes the limited edition vinyl only Buuurg/Pur and his upcoming Handbraekes collab with Mr. Oizo.

The show was one of my favorites of 2011.  Building off of an energetic opening set by Toronto's resident techno maestro Milano, Boys Noize took the crowd on a three hour journey building off the happy house stylings of Floorplan's "Baby Baby",  working up to Handbraekes "Girls", into a crescendo of 3am classics including his own "Oh!" and "Lemonade".

A giant thank you goes out to everyone at Embrace, The Faktory and The Hoxton including but not limited to Ryan Burton, Mike Scrimshaw, Adam Gill and Jon C.


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