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Plastic Flowers - "Strange Neighbors (We Won't Be Friends)" [Video]

On November 29, Sean Earl Beards, the voice behind his electro-synth Plastic Flowers project, released his brand new 7", Strange Neighbors/Serious Pleasures, via Weird Records. Although much of his music is influenced from growing up in Tallahassee, Fla.,  Beards' recently made the move up to north to Brooklyn to fully immerse himself in his music. In an interview with Weird, Beards talked about his motive to move out from the south.

"My choice was to get comfortable or get out," Beards said. "And I can never get comfortable."

Now with Beards settled in New York, we will be looking out for this up-and-coming artist as 2012 draws near. For now, watch the Joe Davenport-directed music video to Plastic Flowers' title track "Strange Neighbors (We Won't Be Friends)" below.

Indie · New Wave · Soft Rock


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