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Earmilk Interview: TRIPPPLE NIPPPLES

From the streets of Tokyo, Japan comes the explosive sound of TRIPPPLE NIPPPLES. Fast-paced without any intention of slowing down, the Japanese hyper-pop outfit recently released a string of new singles, including "M.I.A.M.I" and fan favorite "LSD."  As the band begins to quickly rise among other artists coming out of Japan with their crazy on-stage presence and shows, TRIPPPLE NIPPPLES will be making their United States debut this December with select performances in Philadelphia and New York.

I recently spoke with vocalist Yuka Nippples, a third of the NIPPPLES triple play, about the band's formation, her encounter with a witch doctor and about band's sources of inspiration when creating their hectic and, most of all, fun music. Read the interview below.

      LSD_Trippple Nippples

Earmilk: How did TRIPPPLE NIPPPLES come to be?

Yuka Nipples: Our friend the witch doctor; he told us what to do.

EM: How long has the outfit been together?

YN: The TRIPPPLE NIPPPLES group has now been together for about a year. We keep adding new boy members, but we girl members have known each other since kindergarten. Qrea Nippple, Nabe Nippple and I wanted to be Destiny's Child, but it didn't turn out that way.

EM: How was it to meet and perform for Pharell Williams?

YN: It was great. He was very kind, quiet and humble and tasty! The show was great fun, his bodyguards kind of freaked out when we blew up our feather bombs next to him. I think Pharrell is scared of feathers.

EM: What motivates you to you write your music?

YN: Recently, shamans and puppets have motivated us. Last week, it was "murderers are sad," because they can't kill the same person twice.

EM: Are you currently working on a debut LP/EP? If so, when are you guys planning on releasing it?

YN: We have a lot of recorded songs, but once-in-a-lifetime experiences are what we are about. I like that. We also like making our own films for songs, or the other way around. We want to release something next year, but we want to find a way to do it so it is special, not just some more dead things.

EM: You guys are going to be performing in the United States in December, how are you feeling about flying over here to perform?

YN: My mum told me if I died in a plane crash to not come and haunt her, I think she is worried because she hasn't flown in a plane before. USA! USA! USA!

EM: Are you planning on releasing a video for any of your latest songs?

YN: Yes! we just shot a video for "LSD". It's gonna be pretty funny...

EM: Are you releasing any new tracks soon?

YN: We are working a lot of new material for our US tour, and we hope to release some before we arrive. Last week, we wrote this new song, it's about the witch doctor we met--it's the fastest song we made so far, we keep getting faster since the earthquake, it's getting to be more like sport than music.

EM: You said you were motivated to form TRIPPPLE NIPPPLES from your friend, The witch doctor. Who exactly is he?

YN: I mean, we saw a witch doctor in Tottori and he told us EXACTLY what to do. Sometimes we ask peoples opinions, most of the time we ignore them, but witch doctor is very hard to ignore, so we made the band.

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