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Youth Lagoon - "Cannons" [Live Video]

Yesterday, I was told "no one ever leaves Idaho." That same phrase is often repeated on rural states like Wisconsin or Indiana. Of course, with any saying or phrase, there are exceptions. We should all agree that Trevor Powers from Youth Lagoon is a wonderful exception from Idaho.

Since the beginning of this year, Youth Lagoon has invaded our bedrooms with nostalgic lo-fi pop sounds. The full collection of The Year in Hibernation is now available through Fat Possum. This might be the 5th reminder from Earmilk, but go buy the album.

A couple weeks ago, Youth Lagoon played in Origami Vinyl, a cozy record store in L.A.. The video below is a live performance of "Cannons" from The Year in Hibernation. For those who missed their chances on seeing Youth Lagoon, the next 4 minutes can make up and satisfy that void.

Youth Lagoon "Cannons" Live


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