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Florence + The Machine - "No Light, No Light" [Video]

Florence + The Machine

Epic. There is no better word to describe Florence + The Machine. The soulful monarch who swept the world off its feet with "Dog Days are Over" in 2009 barely gave us time to come to our senses before dropping her bombshell sophomore album Ceremonials 3 weeks ago. The album took "Dog Days are Over", extracted its dauntless qualities and spread them over 20 songs (thank you, deluxe edition). The month has been good for Flo lovers, rewarding them with an album that is undeniably better than her first, and now with a music video for the hit track "No Light, No Light".

The video is out there, but captures the blustering desolation of the song's lyrics, and, frankly, the entire album. From voodoo dolls to mystifying dancing, the video presentation provokes a cock of the head and raise of an eyebrow in both confusion and intrigue. A testament to the reputation Flo has already established, the video is electrifying, and bodes well for fans wondering what the future has in store from Florence + The Machine.



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