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Mt. Eden - "The Blur" (Feat. QuESt)

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With the perfect mix of chillstep, downtempo, & hip-hop; New Zealand's Mt. Eden has done it again. Collaborating with Miami artist, QuESt, this track is a phenomenal blend of genres. This is the kind of music that the industry needs to promote. It's got a positive vibe, non-invasive lyrics, and Mt. Eden's downbeat tempo gives it just what it needs to sit well (and comfortably) with the listener. 

Mt. Eden's international success can be attributed to social websites that allowed the dubstep production duo to share and stream their material to anyone willing to listen. Alas, less than two years later, they are collaborating with a wide array of artists - both local & international. They have proven themselves, once again, with QuESt's newest release "The Blur". This song is a perfect example as to why Mt. Eden is a duo to keep an eye on in the future.

Similar to most bands and artists I've listened to, QuESt has consistently used his music as a form of therapy amidst the hardships he has encountered throughout life. He takes a narrative approach to rapping, and his lyrics are his own life's story. He's found that a lot of people he shares his music with can relate to his stories. Amidst a clutter-filled hip-hop world that exists today, QuESt has strived to utilize his songs to deliver positive messages.

QuESt described it best himself on his website: "If you have someone's attention, you have a responsibility to cater to that audience and put 'better' into their lives. You have to take that responsibility serious... I want them to get something positive. I wanna help them. I want their lives to be better. I want to be able to inspire you. Do something better with your life. Even if I'm not doing something right, use my wrongs to make your right."

Not only are his intentions in the right place, but his rapping style is slick, clean, and his pace is out of this world. He is currently wrapping up a project set to release in early 2012, Fear Not Failure. While this song is not a part of the new album, it has definitely caught my attention. That said, I'll be sure to keep you all updated closer to his album release.

Download: Mt. Eden - The Blur (Feat. QuESt)

Dubstep · Electro · Hip-Hop · Rap


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