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Star Slinger - "Dumbin'" (Feat. Reggie B)(Diplo Remix)

As I'm sure you remember, Star Slinger recently released his first official single, "Dumbin'", featuring Reggie B. Now, we are huge fans of Star Slinger here but I must admit that the first time I heard this single; it took me a minute to appreciate it only because it was quite different than his previous releases. It quickly grows on you though and Star Slinger's production skills easily present themselves. And now, Diplo has gotten in the mix and decided to do a remix of this single. Interestingly enough; Diplo doesn't get too far out there on this remix and actually makes it sound more like what I would of expected straight from Star Slinger the first go round but that's also my fault for having preconceived expectations. Needless to say the remix is amazing. Enjoy.

      Star Slinger - Dumbin feat. Reggie B (Diplo Remix)
Stream Only: Star Slinger - Dumbin' (Feat. Reggie B)(Diplo Remix)

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