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Made in Heights - Aproria: In These Streets [Album]

made in heights

Everyone needs some mythical filth pop in their life. Made in Heights, a duo comprised of vocalist Kelsey Bulkin and half of Blue Scholars' Sabzi is ripe for just that. Plus the existence of this group only furthers the notion that Sabzi is in fact, a genius.

Take their most recent album, Aproria: In These Streets. Sabzi's ethereal beats evoke lucid imagery, as if you're in a dream: the melodies are industrial sounding but the instrumentals are delicate as feathers, like ballerinas dancing around a factory warehouse. Yet like a dream, you're not sure if you're seeing what you're actually seeing. Cue Bulkin's creepily comforting voice, which comes into play by adding an entirely different element to each track.

It's fate I would come across this album entering the coldest month of this year -- this album is perfect for this weather and the mood freezing weather brings. With a twinkling, music-box-like feel, "Viices" has unmistakeable hip hop undertones and would be an obvious choice for something like The Nutcracker: Take It To The Streets.

In general, Made in Heights is a departure from anything else I've ever heard from Sabzi. Which is why it became all the more surprising to hear their previous album, Winter Pigeon, which is similar in subtle ways to Aproria, but also very distinct in others. For example, "Hors douvre" is an atmospherical 80's electronic instrumental love song which, as a genre or classification, doesn't make any sense, until you listen to it.

Still that sounds nothing like "A Healthy Marriage", which features dramatically poised instrumentals interlocked with a tempered 808 beat. Just wait until you get a full two minutes into the song.

Seattle does it again. So far I've loved everything Made in Heights has come up with. Stream both albums off their Bandcamp site but be sure to kick in something to show them some support.


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  • they're great!! Thanks so much for sharing! 

    Avatar Nj November 16, 2011 9:43 PM Reply
  • Listening to Wildflowers....sounds perfect for a rap remix.  I love her voice with the bass!

    Avatar Brentbradly November 17, 2011 3:46 AM Reply
  • Eamilk you have done it again and like always bringing great musical taste. I love Made in Heights sound and Wildflowers is addicted, it's been repeat for 3x now. Thanks! :)

    Avatar Anonymous November 17, 2011 10:31 AM Reply

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