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Vex Ruffin - Man With A Plan [Video]

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I could probably go on all day about Vex Ruffins' sound, but I won't. You may have already read a few things about the newest addition to the Stones Throw family; whether or not he fits in with the label and how his music isn't hip-hop - whatever. There are two things you should understand. One, Stones Throw is comprised of a very knowledgable group of musicians and music appreciators for a staff, hip-hop was just a natural starting point. And two, Vex, the self taught musician who has stated "In high school my favorites were The Cure and DMX" absolutely knows what he's doing. Don't worry about him.

The visual adaptation for "Man with a Plan", a standout track from Ruffins' debut Crash Course EP, is just as distorted and fuzzy as the recording is sonically. It is a murky and oozing promenade, literally melding where the song contrast. The infectious, droned out guitar riff combs over the jaunty and upbeat kick-snare syncopation, setting a tone that is gleefully cataclysmic. If you're making a playlist for the apocalypse, make sure to include this song.

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Vex Ruffin - Man With A Plan (Official Video)

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