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Trippple Nippples - LSD

Rising from the streets of Tokyo, Japan is the electropop outfit Trippple Nippples. Fronted by dual-vocalist Yuka and Qrea Nippple, Tripple Nippple's recently released track, "LSD", is a fast-paced, tribal-influenced dance party condensed to just a little over four minutes. The song's crazy instrumentals combined with Yuka and Orea's vocals screaming in the front makes "LSD" quite the audible trip.

As stated by YVYNYL, this band could cause "a spontaneous black hole or a rip in the space-time continuum" in the event that they perform with Born Gold, another group that explodes with the same fast-paced electropop sound. Although there is no news of a debut album from Trippple Nippples just yet, the band is planned to make their United States debut this coming December.

For more on Tripple Nippples, watch the group perform "M.I.A.M.I" in Pharell William's documentary "Tokyo Rising."

Listen to "LSD" below.

      LSD_Trippple Nippples
Download: Trippple Nippples - LSD

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