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Jarren Benton - "Skitzo" [Video]

A3C dropped their Compilation Volume 1 as an album with a handful of underground artists who have not killed their style to fit in with the mainstream world, and the end result was fantastic. One of these artists was Jarren Benton; who released the visuals for his single "Skitzo". Jarren Benton really went in on the song with some dark lyrics and a heavy flow, and this video goes hand in hand with it. This is some real raw hip hop and with a simple creepy sound to it, Benton shreds the beat. We are starting to see more and more this type of hip hop, alike with Odd Future, a simple steady beat and a hard flow, some can call the rejuvenation of hip hop. Whether your opinion of this song is horrorcore or just another hip hop song, it's worth checking out, enjoy!

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