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Introducing: Rebekah Higgs

Charismatic pop music with the easiness of organic folk, this spoonful of sugar is Rebekah Higgs. Originally from Nova Scotia, Rebekah is currently residing in Toronto and working her way into the hearts of indie listeners. Her latest project is an album entitled Odd Fellowship through the label Hidden Pony.

Odd Fellowship is charmed with the tuneful lyrics and altered stylings from Rebekah's playful personality. For a better understanding of this, watch the live video of "Little Voice" below. "Little Voice" is also the number one track of Odd Fellowship as it is followed by "Gosh, Darn, Damn". If the three expressive words did not suggest the feel of this track, think of a modern break up sung by a perky artist. Not only is Rebekah a song writter, she is a part-time painter and jeweler. Her creativity is notably displayed through the different approaches in her music. The label says she gracefully shifts from "melodic folk to pysch-pop" and that description is correct.

Give Rebekah Higgs a listen and dip this spoonful of sugar into your daily cup of coffee.

      02 Gosh Darn Damn
Download: Rebekah Higgs - Gosh, Darn, Damn

Rebekah Performs "Little Voice" Live

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