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Parker and the Numberman - Pick Up The Phone!


The tunes that Parker and the Numberman unleash upon the world remind me of a French indie film from the 80's. Not implying that they're out of date or not marketable in the commercial arena. Rather because "French", "indie" and "80's" all have a distinct style and flavor that is, for the lack of a longer syllable word, DOPE! Combine all three of those words, use them as verbs and you have a dope product that Frank Lucas would be proud of. On a side note, 80's indie flicks from France are a goldmine for you sample digging connoisseurs.


The rhyme fluidity of P & T can be compared to two guitar players of the same band. Parker would take on the melody section while the Numberman (A.K.A. 1019) would hold down the rhythm side of the spectrum. Each guitarist has his own purpose and is very talented in his own right, but the stronghold of this particular crew is how they compliment each other. Not only in rhyme form, but also in their visual playbook.

Treat yourself and scoop up Parker and the Numberman's latest DVD release Lorna Doone. Also, stay close to the official P & T Facebook page as they'll be announcing the dates of their Winter tour w/ Daygo Produce very soon.



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