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Introducing : DAMNDOGS [Interview]

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It is a given that this previous Australian band left a mark with their early 2000 hit, "Are You Going To Be My Girl?". Now in 2011, members from JET, Chris Cester and Mark Wilson have a new project. This project involves two more additions, Mitch Mclvor and Louis Macklin. Upon stumbling into packs of wild dogs in Marrakech, Chris and Mitch decided to name their contemporary group, Damndogs.

This new band incorporates some stylistic elements of JET but instead of overtaking the world with rock and roll, Damndogs give it a groovy disco twist, bringing to mind other disco-rock contemporaries like LCD Soundsystem, Cut Copy and Gorillaz. Damndogs released their first EP Strange Behaviour in August, stream it below.

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Earmilk: What are your feelings about being referenced with JET?
Chris Cester:It's annoying but necessary. JET has nothing to do with Damndogs whatsoever. Different people, different bands and different Ideas. Both mean alot to me. Critics never loved JET. They seem to love Damndogs. I'm just playing music that blows my hair back, that's the only thing I can do, the rest of it is just flapping mouths and keystrokes. E: We know "Strange Behavior" is about love, any specific stories?  Feel free to drop names...

C: One song, Love, has a lyric, strange behavior. There's no specific story, really...it's just that Love is why we're here, but no-ones any good at it. 

E: When playing a show, what do you look for in the crowd? What makes you happy?

C: One of my favourite shows was our first in Melbourne, where the crowd looked on, confused, for about 20 minutes! Then they were slowly moved and started really getting into it and shouting at us. That's a result, see, because winning people over, that's a challenge that I enjoy. Fighting for respect makes for a better show, it brings the best out in any band...or the worst.   
E: Your songs are based on past experiences or looking more towards the future?
C: The songs look sideways! Most of the subjects are out of time. There's alot of disconnected surreality too, which I guess is the future, because if it's properly surreal then it probably hasn't been said or done before.E: You mentioned the full length album will be different, what kind of sounds should we look for?

C: I'll tell you when it's done! Right now we're just getting completely carried away with it, laughing our asses off and chasing every Idea down to the wire. I feel it's a shame to tell people what it sounds like, because people tend to then just put you in a box and that's boring. It doesn't really sound like any one thing. It sounds big and it sounds bold. 
E: Whose been occupying your daily playlist?
C: I threw my Ipod in a cupboard recently because playlists shit me and they shape your listening habits. Think about it, you've got 5000 songs, but you probably listen to about 100 of them. I'm making a record, so I'm buying vinyl and listening all the way through. I really love the new Horrors record 'Skying'. They've really put a unique sound out there and they clearly don't give a shit if it sells or not. Bravo!E: On the Australian tour,what are you looking forward to the most?

C: Well, being in my home country with a new band that people aren't expecting for one thing, so....the element of surprise! We're playing Homebake festival, which is really a great festival and we're excited to be there...plus, Nick Cave is playing with Grinderman, can't wait for that, and Mark's buddies from Cut Copy also. I'm sure there will be a riot in Sydney later that night as we hold up all our favourite bars!

E: And finally, why did the chicken cross the road?

C: The chicken is a false prophet...he doesn't even know why he crossed the fucking road and wonders why people keep debating his life decisions. This chicken is like Peter Sellers' character in 'Being There'...man, he's just glad he made it!

Since the majority of Earmilk viewers are fans of drum and bass, here is a remix of "Love" by The Rumblist.
      Damndogs-Love (The Rumblist Remix)
Download: Damndogs - Love (The Rumblist Remix) 
Visit DAMNDOGS' website and Twitter.
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