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Introducing: Dom of DOM

Still unsure if it's the physical appeals of long orange locks or the musical appeals of punk undertones, but either way, I am very attracted to this Massachusetts band, Dom. They played several shows during CMJ and here is a brief summary of my chat with the frontman, Dom

Raised under foster care, Dom had a rough time growing up. He describes his band as his family and when asked about his dreams, he replied with "I want the band to be happy." This band can be said as something good happening to him. With inspirations of not your typical rock jams, Dom was nurtured by old school hip-hop artists. He does not know his own heritage but that's totally fine because we love his luscious orange hair. The sounds from this band are filled with sweet low cries and garage electronic rock & roll. All of that blends effortlessly with his acid-washed jeans.

Dom is a fairly new band and receiving the well-deserved spotlight. Along the lines of Girls, Dom makes catchy lo-fi sounds. Early this year, they released a collaboration with Madeline from Cults entitled "Bowl Cut". Then the album Sun Bronzed Greek Gods popularized the song "Jesus", which is not religious in any way but about a past experience with an ex-girlfriend. Now another EP, Family of Love, contains another irresistibly hooky tune, "Happy Birthday Happy". Listen to the tracks below and follow Dom on his WordPress page. 

      21 Bowl Cut (ft. Madeline of Cults)
Download:Dom - Bowl Cut (ft. Madeline of Cults)

      01 Jesus
Download: DOM - Jesus

      50 Happy Birthday Party
Download: Dom - Happy Birthday Party  



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