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Might October Mix

"Oh god, another big mix?" I don't blame you, I think the same thing whenever I see big mixes. But never fear, the quality of this mix is worth the patience of sitting through it. The mix I'm bringing to you today is by one of my favourite Nu-Disco artists, Might.

So what makes this mix so special? Could it be the few tracks by Might themselves that are scattered throughout it? Or is it the natural, peaceful blend of tracks that carries you from one song to the next? Or maybe it's even the simple old tunes of chillwave and disco washing over you for an extended period of time. This is not a mix for any old filth or electro listener--it's something for those simpler times. Let's bring in the Nu-Disco vibes again people! So here you are, to bring ease to your hangovers and sunshine to you rainy days: Might's October Mix. Enjoy.

Might - October 2011 Mix

So why Might? You know the saying "You had me at hello"? With Might it's "you had me at Ninth Hour Girls." To be honest readers I love Might. I really do. Sure I post a lot of dubstep and electro but Might is the one artist from a different genre that I've been in love with forever. Sure I could ramble on, but I won't bore you. I'll wrap this up by telling you to check out their soundcloud page, and give them the attention they deserve.

Might - Ninth Hour Girls

 Ok, I'll stop soon enough but really, you can't listen to Ninth Hour Girls without listening to Aniki's remix of the track. 

Might - Ninth Hour Girls (Aniki Remix)

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