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Double Dip - 54 - Bass Drum of Death

Oxford Mississippi natives Bass Drum of Death have just dropped some new fuzz via their tumblr yesterday night - and it is sexxxcellent. The track has it all grungy, gritty and catchy. These cats are really rolling with the punches especially after an already successful year and I am stoked for them.

GB City, if you guys missed it was the release that came out earlier this year and if you don't have it already - go get it. Although pitchfork only rated it a 6.2, I give it a solid 4 boners out of 5, so if that doesn't mean anything to you I've layed out a nice little two song preview including some doo-wop goodness.

New track preview first via 3qtr's soundcloud and some favorites from the killer GB City:

Bass Drum of Death | "i dunno" by 3qtr

      09 - Leaves
Download: Bass Drum of Death - Leaves

      07 - Young Pros
Download: Bass Drum of Death - Young Pros

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