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My Bloody Valentine - Soon (Christian Strobe Remix)

If you know me at all outside of my electronic-focused Earmilk guise, you probably know I have a big ol' girlboner for shoegaze artists like Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Chapterhouse and Cocteau Twins. When these worlds come together, I am one happy lady, and Christian Strobe decided to make my dreams come true today by delivering this lovely remix of My Bloody Valentine's "Soon," off their game-changing, classic 1991 album Loveless. His remix adds a danceable beat while further de-emphasizing vocals and retaining the feel of the original's instrumentals.

      My Bloody Valentine - Soon (Christian Strobe Remix)
Download: My Bloody Valentine - Soon (Christian Strobe Remix)

Dance · Electronic · Indie · Shoegaze


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