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Double Dip - 53 - TEEN

Teen is a 5 piece all girl band originating from Brooklyn, NY and was actually featured yesterday in last weeks edition of the Indie Sabbath. After listening to the entrancing "Just Another" with all the beauty that is lofi fuzz layered with echoing harmonies I really needed to re-blog these ladies with a focus.

Members of the band include Teeny on Guitar/Vocals/Keys, Lizzie on Keys/Vocals, Jane on Bass/Vocals, Katherine on Percussion/Vocals and lastly Maia on Drums/Vocals. Seeing that Teen has a full cast of all ladies and all vocals it really delivers a great dynamic to the band that you don't see a lot of. You can really feel the full benefits of said dynamic in songs like "Cannibal" with all the "oh's", "ah's" and "al's", but emphasis on this feature can be heard throughout Teen's songs.

Teen has just released their 3 song EP entitled "Little Doods" and you can purchase it from their bandcamp here. In the mean time, enjoy a full stream of the album below:

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