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Zomby - "Labyrinth"

Zomby is at it again. After his highly successful 2011 LP release, Dedication, a dark album that was essentially a lamentation on mortality, a tribute to a lost family member, he has a new EP entitled Nothing in the works, due for release December 6 on 4AD. The EP will feature the following tracks:

1. Labyrinth
2. Digital Fractal
3. Equinox
4. Sens
5. It Was All A Dream
6. Trapdoor
7. Ecstasy Versions

This new track feels a bit happier and more lightweight than most of the tracks on "Dedication," once again showing that Zomby is a pro at moving between styles (the differences between Where Were You In '92 and Dedication are pretty vast, but they're both great). Dare I say this new track feels a bit like a blending of the two styles, merging the traditional, old-school dubstep sounds of Where Were You In '92 with the more ambient, textured stylings of Dedication?

Stream: Zomby - Labyrinth

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