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JJ - Urban Nerds & Snowbombing Halloween Grime Mix

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Yes, that's right, Halloween is right around the corner, rearing its grotesque, malnourished and ugly-ass face to say "Hi" before disappearing into obscurity and pointlessness for another year. 

Being British, the only real purpose Halloween serves is to offer another good excuse to have a party.  So aside from it being a Friday on October 28th, it is also close to Halloween! Urban Nerds & Snowbombing are throwing a grime-fuelled party with the OG guys. One of their numbers JJ has dropped a mix to get you in the mood. 

While there's no scary sound bites or ghouls, there is a funk load of bass and grime mc's to listen through.

Check flyer and more info HERE and take your download belowwwww.

JJ - Urban Nerds & Snowbombing Halloween Grime Mix

Hip-Hop · Rap


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