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Pillowtalk - The Come Back EP

It's easy to lump many Italian record labels under the popular Italo-disco umbrella before listening to all of the artists a particular label has to offer. It may happen that the most popular labels are the ones that receive coverage here overseas, but there exists an ever-growing roster of European labels that deserve much more press attention in the U.S. and Canada than they are currently getting. Life and Death records out of Rome are a relatively new, up-and-coming label to look out for. Having released only three singles up until this point in time, the label has just released a debut EP by Pillow Talk four its fourth installment.

While the subtle influences of disco are present on the Italian trio's The Come Back EP, they are accompanied by heavy Motown and doo-wop features that make Pillow Talk's debut all the more impressive. The EP's opening track, "The Come Back," is an extremely catchy blend of disco-pop and motown that beautifully complement the doo-wop-esque vocal blend of samples and original singing put forth by the group.

      01 - Pillowtalk - The Come Back
Stream: PILLOWTALK - The Come Back

      04 - Pillowtalk - Soft (Life%20%20Death remix)
Stream: PILLOWTALK - Soft (Life & Death remix)

Released October 17, Pillow Talk's The Come Back EP is sure to stir the waters within the online music community--perhaps even resulting in a North American booking. The EP boasts three original tracks and two remixes when purchased digitally, and a four-track 12" vinyl has also been released for hard-copy enthusiasts.

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