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Rocksmith - Authentic Guitar Game from Ubisoft

Me and my friends grew up playing games, as did many other males did in my generation & a greater number of the ladies in the generation behind us. And with the current party fanfare of gaming culture we live in, I'd be willing to bet there isn't one person reading this who hasn't played a "guitar simulator" with some grade school coloured buttons you press & an overwhelming feeling of shred that comes very soon thereafter. But the rules have changed, and apparently they'll make musicians out of all of us.

It's called Rocksmith.

What started in motherland arcades (Japan) has now crossed the line from game gaming toy interfaces to a real guitar. "!?" you say? I suppose it's been a long time coming but Ubisoft has thrown the gauntlet first.

For the first time, people will be able to plug real guitars into videogame consoles, pretend to be rock stars and actually walk away knowing how to play the instruments.

Officially I am not NOT the best at the guitar on a console anymore - my friends are, why? because they play guitar IRL and this game literally allows them to plug in their most prized possessions and play this "game". Although, "Game" doesn't feel right all of a sudden, this looks to be more of a out of the box version of a session guitar teacher (take heed working peoples out there - fierce competition on the horizon)

I hear it's available as of today (Oct 18th) so I can't wait to get my hands on a copy & see if I can't bring some new skills to the tables :)



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