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When the Goonies and Saturday Night Fever meet you get Velanova. Low budget music project from New York influenced by Witch House, Chillwave, Dark Wave and even some Disco. With only ten months under his belt he has tremendously became what i want to call a great up and coming Chillwave artist. Let's be real though this guy can produce everything. Be on the look out for a full LP and perhaps a few earmilk exclusives. Collab?

Due to the † and the ∆ you can easily tell this is his witch house piece. This track starts out dreamy and has a snyth that would make a great soundtrack for driving up the Oregon coast. Sleepy but eerie vocals, and not to mention the percussion is on point.

Conspir▲cy†heory by Velanova

Velanova's newest remix. This song is the equivalent to an outer body experience. Lightyear - Abi (Velanova Remix) by Velanova

Picture the Tron soundtrack with a little more of an 80's kick. Also take into account the chunk doing the truffle shuffle in the background. I really feel a correlation to the goonies with these first two. Aurora Borealis (New Mix) by Velanova

This where Velanova got decided to go back to his family roots with some Disco.  He incorporates his own style with a few funky synths to overlap that happy vocal.
Scars by Velanova

With full support From Alvin Risk this track is eerie and dark but still danceable. I feel like I'm on the verge of sleep but can't fall or wake. Velanova hit this one head on. Beat repeat for the win.
Catcher of Dreams (feat. Unicorn Kid) by Velanova

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