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Burial vs Massive Attack - Four Walls

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With some of the collaborations we've seen so far  most would probably have thought that enough was enough and his Burial's musical gems of goodness coated in sweet treats from the likes of Thom Yorke and Fourtet were enough to satisfy even the most glutunous of sound muncher. 

Well no it was not. Now he has collaborated again and done it with the undeniably legendary figures behind Massive Attack. The track is due out on vinyl that you can check from HERE

In the meantime they have graciously posted the entire 12 minute track on youtube. I'm on my second listen already, and still am kind of lost for words. I'll throw some out that pop into my head though......euphoric, deep, enchanting, dark, haunting, slightly twisted...... you get the idea. 

Cop a listen belowww.

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