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Soosh - Habitat Mix

Need an hour of break from the rest of the world? Here is the ultimate solution, listen to Soosh's "Habitat Mix." Glasgow's Soosh created a 40-minute tape that glides through 22  tracks of XX, James Blake, Shlohmo, Ice CubeHelios and many more artists including a couple of his own works. This mix was made for a show in Italy on the 29th. For the Italian residents reading this, know that I am completely envious. 

Each transition flows like a well blended smoothie. No dry clumps but pure liquid sounds. Once you start "Habitat, you will not want to discontinue until the full 40 minutes has been fulfilled. I'm currently on my third replay. Please, I encourage you to take a sip of this.


Sotus- Close the door 
Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross- Blacks (shlohmo remix) 
Bambooman- movements 
xx- basic space( mount kimbie remix) 
Nocow - now i know 
Balam acab - see bird 
Sotus- With you 
Fedbymachines - Would i 
Soosh - Us (jameszoo remix) 
James Blake - air and lack thereof 
Phanes- Lucky woman 
Oddlogic - Incisor 
Shlohmo- Couch ( soosh lovers remix) 
Leila - mettle 
Soosh - speechless (kelpe remix) 
Soosh - rainbow hiccups ( lapalux remix) 
Crumb brothers - 20 seat in the kingdom 
Ice cube and Dmx - we be clubbing ( danaet reclub) 
Infinite potential- Lovesong 
Lapalux- The trigger 
Helios- halving the compass 
Nathan fake- long sunny   

Follow Soosh on Twitter, he always has delicious favored Soundcloud jams.    


Chillout · Electronic · Indie · Mixtape


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  • WHAT THE HELL! I'm from Bologna and I'm going there! :)

    Avatar Rick October 11, 2011 12:32 PM Reply
    • Not. Fair. Give him a shout out from me?

      Avatar banacrisp October 11, 2011 12:37 PM Reply
      • I'll do it for you ;) Take care!

        Avatar Rick October 11, 2011 12:57 PM Reply
  • Great stuff. Going straight onto my 4/20 chillwave playlist.

    Avatar Alex October 12, 2011 8:36 AM Reply
  • well spent 40 minutes!

    Avatar heidibtm October 13, 2011 11:20 AM Reply

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