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#MashupMonday - Week 35

Mashup Monday - We're back again with some mashes that will get your week started right. Giving you the freshest, dopest, sickest, smoothest, (every other superlative you can think of) mashups to start your week off with a bang. These are the mashes that are worth hearing, so stop your searching and instead get to listening. Mashup Monday on EARMILK is for the best stuff around, so settle down at your comp...turn up your speakers...and get ready for that sweet nectar that only EARMILK can give ya. Let's GO.

We got a good variety of tracks for Mashup Monday #35. From mashers such as DJ Bahler, DJ DiBella + Yoni, Nammo, and many more, you'll be getting a little of everything. Included are plenty of mashups that feature an electro instrumental which will be perfect to amp you and/or your party up, there are some dubstep oriented mashups, and there's even some more chill vibed mashups in the case you want to take it down a notch.

There is probably no track more appropriate to start off my first Mashup Monday post than with DJ Bahler's "Semblance of Sound". For me, the opening words "I hear music in my head and I need to get it out" sets the tone early and quickly and the beat gets you moving instantly. Bahler is an under-appreciated, yet extremely talented, artist that takes more unknown samples and creates a perfect semblance of sound. Jumping ahead to the collaborative effort between DJ DiBella & Yoni, I can only say that the track is mind-blowing. Not in the sense that it's an insanely heavy, bass-thumping track but rather one that just sounds right. With the piano sample at the beginning leading into the soft sexy vocals of Dev, you're led into believing that the track is a more melodic and softer mash...but nah, DiBella and Yoni brings us that party feel soon after. But enough talk. Get to the tracks below and while I thoroughly enjoy all these tracks, I have a soft spot for Dotcom's track, Manila Killa's track, and my man Bruneaux who has a Girl Talk-esque type of style.

      DJ BAHLER - Free the Snares - 01 Semblance of Sound
Download: DJ BAHLER - Semblance of Sound

      Digital Girls
Download: DJ Burnout - Digital Girls

      Dancing in a Starship
Download: DiBella & Yoni - Dancing in a Starship

      Fresh as a Beamer
Download: DJ StrongArm - Fresh as a Beamer

      With Love Mr. Suiteheart (Long Drive)
Download: Dotcom - With Love, Mr. Suiteheart (Long Drive)

Download: Drip Drop - Bangab!tch

      10 10 A man a plan a canal - Panam
Download: Bruneaux - A man, a plan, a canal - Panama!

      Leth Danth (Bootleg)
Download: Manila Killa - Leth Danth (Bootleg)

      Get One
Download: DJ Epic - Get One (Krewella x Foreign Beggars x Skrillex)

Download: DJ CHANGE - Goddamn

      Bullshittin On My Coffee Break (Big Sean vs Zeds Dead)
Download: The Jane Doze - Bullshittin On My Coffee Break (Big Sean vs Zeds Dead)

      Walking On A Gucci Replica
Download: Nammo - Walking On A Gucci Replica

      Hypnotizing Lights
Download: Monster Mashes - Hypnotizing Lights

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