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True Womanhood

Brooklyn's True Womanhood won me over at Zomby's NYC show at Glasslands Gallery this weekend, despite an initial curious reaction to a band -- with instruments -- opening for a grimey dubstep DJ. I think it's love, love that was sparked by a set that included both a cover of my darling Pictureplane's "Dark Rift" (off 2009's album by the same name) followed shortly thereafter by a cover of same-level darling Justin Timberlake's "My Love," both infused with the band's own individual twist. That was just a point of entry, though -- their originals were good, too. (Also, they're a bunch of cuties. That never hurt anybody.)

I've posted about Pictureplane here a few times before -- if you happened to see that (or know about Pictureplane through other means) and dug it, these guys have a similar electronic-indie-experimental-ghostly vibe that you'll probably enjoy. They go a bit harder as far as their post-punky feel, which basically means they infuse everything I like into one thing. This was one of those bands that reminded me why I try to catch openers. Sometimes you find something really cool. You can check out their 2010 EP Basement Membranes on MySpace. Keepin' outdated social media relevant, y'all.

      True Womanhood - Sympathy
Download: True Womanhood - Sympathy

      True Womanhood - Dark Rift (pictureplane babysealclub cover)
Download: True Womanhood - Dark Rift (pictureplane babysealclub cover)

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