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Nipsey Hu$$le - Forever On Some Fly Shit

In 2011, Nipsey Hu$$le released no singles, no mixtapes, or an album, but he's going to return in 2012. He had fallen off the map except for a few releases and freestyles, and appearing in a couple music videos including Wiz Khalifa's "I'm On My Level." He tweeted a couple weeks ago that he'd be back in 2012, and this is the start. His first studio album is en route early next year, South Central State of Mind, but has no tracklist set in stone. This hot new track "Forever On Some Fly Shit" is fire, and is worthy of an album spot, but is not confirmed yet. This song is dope and I hope you all enjoy it.

Download: Nipsey Hu$$le - Forever On Some Fly Shit 

Hip-Hop · Rap


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