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Native Instruments - Kontrol S2 In-Store(s) [Video & Review]

So, If you're anything like me - you've been following the S4 as it percolates throughout the dj spheres we belong to. How it sounds, how it looks, what it can do and of course - how much do I need to shell out for it? Today, a new entrant is in, and it competes.(especially on price) - it's the Native Instruments S2.

So, suffice it to say that NI has you covered - they've released the Traktor Kontrol S2 today, designed to give streamlined 2 deck kontrol. Being designed for 2 decks and working toward that price-point we all aspire them to hit - NI has shaved off some features found on the S4, the following features are "missing"

  • Dedicated filters
  • Loop length indicators
  • Loop recorder
  • Cue points 5-8
  • Phono inputs

Although undoubtedly designed for the new Traktor Pro 2 software creating loops & samples on the fly doesn't have the same dedicated features that the S4 has - looks like you'll need to map that yourself, or just prep samples in the studio for punches on the floor.

Overall the hardware is all what we've come to expect from their line of strong sound-cards & the performance patents from the S4.

I'm very impressed with what NI has been doing lately, that being said, I am a tad bias as I use their gear & softs regularly and have for some time now. I think controller can create some waves in the way the VCI 100, and other juggler pioneers.

But will this work for me? See what the experts do.

Scratches? - DJ DUMMY CUTS

I love his calipso 2nd half - sounds great.

Juggling & Samples - Ean Golden Depeche Mode Live Remix

Classic Golden gold.

Gear · Main Stage


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