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Robin S - Show Me Love (Hrdvsion Remix)

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There are a number of songs that make you cringe and ask why the world really needs another remix: "Rolling In The Deep," "D.A.N.C.E," "Be," just to name a few.  Robin S.'s 90's club anthem "Show Me Love" would definitely fall into the aforementioned group.  It's a rare feat that a producer can pull off such a fresh take on a classic that not only is the remix listenable but that such discriminating tastes as Jokers Of The Scene make it a set staple.

The visionary behind this remix is one half of Canada's first family of dance music Hrdvsion, A.K.A Nathan Jonson.  Gone is the infamous Korg M1 bassline from the original, replaced by a bouncy staccato version of the melody which, combined with a four floor drum pattern similar to it's predecessor minus the heavy crash cymbals, gives the song a lighthearted into. A two track duet of Robin's soulful voice, layered with a detuned, demonic version of itself and haunting pads is where the song descends into the depths of dark ominous techno making this track the perfect set closer.

      Show Me Love (Hrdvsion Remix)
Download: Robin S. - Show Me Love (Hrdvsion Remix)

As a bonus, Hrdvsion has passed along his latest single on IRR, "I Can't Exist." More elastic basslines, low on the attack, and a even sketchier vocal than "Show Me Love" make it a can't miss.

      I Cant Exist (192 kbps)
Download: Hrdvsion - I Can't Exist

You can grab the 192 version here but I highly recommend buying the EP for the UK influenced B side "Disappearing Act."

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