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Size Matters Tent Party [Night 2]

Tent Party Night 2. Insane, Unbelievable, Chaotic. Where to start? I don't even know. Alright maybe I do...

So the night started pretty late. I arrived in time to catch Manufactured Superstars set as the crowd was just growing. Already there was an excitement in the air, the beats came in raining down on the crowd in all directions as Manufactured Superstars tore up their set with huge moombah sounds.

Photos by PremierLife.ca

      Sunshine (L.A. Riots Remix)
Download: Rye Rye & M.I.A. - Sunshine (L.A. Riots Remix)

Next up was LA Riots and after just doing an interview with him which you can find soon I was pretty excited to see him live. As he came on stage he brought an aura with him, an aura of an amazing set to come. From start to finish I was entranced in a whirl of electro/house music. LA Riots set was completely insane keeping the crowd entertained throughout. While the set was playing I was thinking,"Ok, this is the best act so far, there is no way Dirty South can top this." 

      Drunk Skunk (LA Riots Remix)
Download: Digital Lab - Drunk Skunk (LA Riots Remix)

      Face Pump (LA Riots Remix)
Download: JFK, St. Mandrew - Face Pump (LA Riots Remix) 

Photos by PremierLife.ca

As soon as Dirty South came on stage though that thought changed, "ok, maybe he might come close." There was a silence. An almost eerie silence. It felt like it was forever, but really it was the perfect amount of time. Just amount of time to leave us waiting in silence for anything to play, just to give us something to continue to dance too. And it came, sure enough, Skylar Grey's vocals creeped up on the massive speakers as "I'm Coming Home" was soon echoing throughout the entire tent. I, aswell as the crowd instantly lost our cool and exploded in cheers and cries. 

      Coming Home (Dirty South Remix)
Download: Diddy feat. Skylar Grey - Coming Home (Dirty South Remix)

Photos by PremierLife.ca

Dirty South proceeded to keep the crowd hysteric with his dirty dutch house music. One of the best tunes of the night was a house mix of Nero's Promises. I wish I could tell you more but I lost all consciousness and was completely taken over by the music for that whole period. It was a great night with great performances covering so many different aspects of music. One of the reasons Londoners kept partying so hard was the amazing light shows and the vibrant colours everyone was wearing. The whole tent was decked out with students wearing VNTG's neon hats. These hats are everywhere, I had to pick myself up one aswell. Make sure you get yourself one at the next local London event. 

Photos by PremierLife.ca

      Sweet Disposition (Axwell and Dirty South Remix)
Download: The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition (Axwell & Dirty South Remix)

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Editors Note: My iPod broke yesterday, I don't know why but it is a sad day for me. It's currently in rice right now so I wanted everyone that reads this to cross their fingers and pray that in 2 weeks time when I check up on it that it still works.
And Thanks to Justin from tech support who helped when I called asking about how to fix it, who follows earmilk daily. What a small world. 
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