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Big Dope P – Let Me Remix Dat

Da Movelt Posse are back with ass grabs and smashed speaker cabs. A ghetto juking drive by courtesy of Big Dope P. You'll find 9 tracks in this remix package, each in your face and fornicating in it's own lingo. Beehive techno via Acid Jack and chopped sample house a la old Surkin by Kurbatov, there's something in here for everyone. With all the vibes and variety, it's hard to pick just one but Policy has been getting the needle drop lately. A laid back view on the future, sensual pads and corny Casio presets this track is goes no where but up. Grab the original that started it all while you taste these remixes.

      Let Me Flush Dat
Download: Big Dope P – Let Me Flush Dat

(MTXLT509) Moveltraxx – Let Me Remix Dat EP

Out now on Moveltraxx and keep your eyes peeled on this rising French label as they continue to flesh out more bum breaking bangers. Skim back to their previous releases including my review of Axel Le Baron/Kurbatov's Fame EP and the mega compilation Da Movelt Posse 4.

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  • Big Dope P is always on Top. This remix EP is legendaryyyy

    Avatar Mr. Skeleton October 1, 2011 6:27 AM Reply
  • ALERT SWINDLES TO the MUSICIANS, sylvain lemer thomas joseph (ALIAS BIG
    DOPES P its name of DJ) of the label MovelTraxx sell is saying vintages synthesizers
    to the persons who look for it, he has just swindled the tens of persons on
    sites as audiofanzine, good corner(place), ebay, for tens of thousand euro,
    thus distrust you, here is his(her,its) address and phone number(coordinates):
    he lives 16 street albert 75013 bets with a melle certain Dahant who is
    certainly her accomplice.

    Avatar Superfunk2011 June 24, 2012 5:14 PM Reply

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