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Haydn Hoffman - Take Me Home EP

Haydn Hoffman produces grimy, filthy dubstep dirty enough to make you take a shower. Twice. That's right, when it comes to getting your full of dinosaurs roaring, and washing machines breaking down this dubstep has you covered. Hoffman has a EP coming out on October 12 which features 3 new tracks. You can check this small minimix of all singles. Each has it's own side of dubstep, the first is a slower dubstep while the second still keeps the speed but throws it around a little more. The final track is just chaos of womps, builds and dubstep thrown in the air. 
Haydn Hoffman - Take Me Home EP


If you like what you heard you can grab a couple of my favourite remixes by Hoffman here

      Fancy Footwork (Haydn Hoffman Remix)
Download: Chromeo - Fancy Footwork (Haydn Hoffman Remix)

      Your Body On Me (Haydn Hoffman Remix)
Download: Kids at the Bar - Your Body On Me (Haydn Hoffman Remix)

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