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Astropolis: Teenage Bad Girl [Interview]

Last week I posted the interview of The Toxic Avenger I did in Astropolis and I told you that I could also catch Teenage Bad Girl. So here we are today.

EM: Can you start by introducing yourself?

Guillaume: We've been into electronic music for almost 10 years now and we started Teenage Bad Girl more than 5 years ago. We released our first record on Archibell, my own label, and then an album on Citizen Records a little bit later. We just released our second album a few months ago.

EM: How do you make music? Which software, hardware do you use? Is it easier to be a duo?

Guillaume: We work separate from each other in our own studios, not together.  I'm on Cubase while Greg is on Cool Edit Pro. In terms of instruments we use a mix of analog synthesizers as well as VST plug-ins.

EM: So you two never work together in one place, but rather via internet?

Guillaume: Yes, we each do our work on the side and we then send parts to the other. Basically we got back and forth kind of "remixing" what the other did.

EM: So what inspirations do you take to drive your sound?

Guillaume: We have many, from rock to electro. A lot of what we used to listen to when we were young and growing up. Rock from the 90's, bands like Rage Against the Machine and Nirvana.  Electro from that time too like The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, the French touch with Daft Punk, Cassius... But also Disco and Funk like Prince, Rene & Angela.

EM: Ok, and I wanted to ask you some question about your label also, Archibelle Records (Guillaume's label, not Gregory's one). How do you find artists? Is it only demo people send you or are you also looking for new talent?

Guillaume: I just released a few stuff on my label. At first it was only my own tracks but even then I released only 2 others artists. The last artist I put out was from the UK. It was rather simple, he sent me a demo and I liked it. I just release songs I really love because I'm not looking for quantity. It's all about releasing some stuff I like time to time.

EM: Yes, a lot of record label are now looking for quantity over quality now...

Guillaume: Yes, since vinyl has almost disappeared I'm not very interested about releasing a lot of new stuff on my label because I don't want to do digital only sales.

EM: So you are not sure about the future of Archibelle?

Guillaume: As for now I don't know. I'm not so interested about releasing tracks only in digital, maybe later but I'm not sure.  I'm not really here to develop artists from A to Z, more to just put out music I like.

EM: Ok, and last question, how to you see 2012 for teenage bad girl?

Guillaume: We just released our last album in June and it's not even out yet in UK and in Japan (end of August). So we hope people will like it and then we can get more gigs.

EM: A last word?

Guillaume: I hope tonight's party is gonna be cool.

(And it was.)

Teenage Bad Girl - Cocotte

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