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Birdy Nam Nam - El Cobra Discoteca

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Up and out of the electronic trenches I bring to you a buried gem by Montreal's analog symphony Birdy Nam Nam. I'm digging this from their highly anticipated LP Defiant Order which hit the shelves earlier this week and I have to say they've struck gold this time around. El Cobra Discoteca has a polish to it that dates it back to 2007, and it's provocative vocals paired with spaced out synths resurrect a vibe I haven't felt since Star Guitar. An assault of diced samples and snare breaks keep you on your feet until a stacked chord progression in the breakdown forces you to stop dead in your tracks. Feel the muse and it's chills.

Birdy Nam Nam - (The Golden Era Of) El Cobra Discoteca

Stay tuned for the full length review of Defiant Order, and don't forget to pick this one up yourself. The record has this distinct quality that it shares with many dated classics like Cross, Idealism, and Come With Us. And with Para One behind the mixing desks sided by Teki Latex cameos you know this LP solidifies the artistic panache of the red, white, et bleu.

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