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E.sy Kennenga: Ek Trip (Musik Créole)

Creole lesson #1: Cho (adj) Hot; [see french chaud]   Ok, that's your lesson for today (you're welcome) and that's the only adjective you'll need to describe this week's artist. E.sy Kennenga is native to the small Caribbean island of Martinique. He sings in creole and french but his unique mix of super positive acoustic island energy transcends languages. You don't need to speak creole to understand the message. Now lets see if we can postpone winter a little longer with these "bonnes vibrations." CHO!

First up is "Ek Trip" the title track of E.sy's latest album:

      01 EK Trip
Download: Esy Kennenga - EK Trip


Next is E.sy K and Antillean dancehall guru Admiral T with the remix of "Pinting Party":

Caribbean · Island Reggae · Reggae · Tropical


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