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Scroobius Pip - Let Em Come [Video]

Scroobius Pip is finally unleashing his solo album unto the world this Monday, much to my and many others delightfully elated facial expressions. Standard practice, the album will be getting a full review so hold tight for that. 

In the meantime he has just dropped another video, this time  to track "Let Em Come" feat. Sage Francis & P.O.S. Unfortunately the people you see in the video are not actually those who have made the song, however word has it that each one is the sister of the rapper whose verse it is. Potentially a pretty sound tool to get your sister a date if you're into marketing... or maybe not. 

Regardless the track is big, kind of a mix of metal and rock with cleverly spun verses over the top that lyrically fit the music perfectly. Reminds me a bit of the Rap Metal wave but with a definite British twist.

Pip is also giving away the "Redux" version of the track which takes a much more somber, mellowed out approach to the message. Version features Sage Francis, MetermaidsCecil Otter.

 Scroobius Pip - Let Em Come

Download: Scroopius Pip feat Sage Francis, Metermaids  & Cecil Otter - Let Em Come (Redux)

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