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Jack Dixon - Somebody Said

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Expect nothing but high grade from London based producer Jack Dixon. Pulsating drum rhythms, mantles of swing, and narcotic vocals to sit you in a cushion of opiate content. He's got a new EP out on Beatport labeled as dubstep but I'd say that's being too morose, garage house if that means anything to anyone. Somebody Said has that step in the drums, but the blue voice and filtered breakdowns bring this tune outside the box. On the wild side Survive brings the tribal flavour to the Jack Dixon sound with a punchy synth on the low end and insulting percussion lines.

      01 Somebody Said
Download: Jack Dixon - Somebody Said 

(FRMNT010) Formant Recordings - Jack Dixon's Somebody Said EP
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If you're digging the style well dig further and check out Jack's work on the Decade EP that came out last month. Keith and Adrian being my two favourites, you'll also want to take a look at Through the Trees which is his most experimental borderline ambient contribution to date.

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Esoteric minded
Esoteric minded
9 years ago

hella weak

9 years ago

I agree. Weeeeeaaaak.

Esoteric minded
Esoteric minded
9 years ago

I agree with you guys earmilk is a sick site with out a doubt but this track is weak it shouldn't even be on the site and there needs to be a low tempo dub section on her so people wont be disappointed when there hoping for a filthy dub track and instead run into this low tempo non sense