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Artist Remixed - The Beatles

There are thousands of popular artists out there today making new singles all the time. With the increase of bedroom producers though, the ability to simply download a whole studio that you can use right on your lap has made original songs more scarce. Now it seems that your finding tens of thousands of remixes by artists with more and more ludicrous names, leaving you wondering "Transexual Viking Sword Bro- what???." This weekly segment will bring you the popular remixes and the never heard of "Transexual Viking Sword Brothers" remixes of a (common) artist's singles. From all these bedroom producers we are seeing one thing, and that is absolutely fantastic, manipulated, warped remixes. 

So before I get started I want all the die hard Beatles fans that are going to troll this post saying 'Beatles can't be remixed" "you ruined all of their songs for me" "Beatles are the best! These remixes suck!" Just simply enjoy the remixes for the remixes and how the song you know how been changed not necessarily for the better but for a new interesting perspective on the original. 

Every single human being knows the Beatles. I think i'll skip this 'get to know your artist' section. In a nutshell though for the odd ones out, The Beatles are a famous english rock band that was a huge pop sensation in the 1960's. 


 There are no remixes for this section this week. Let's be serious here, have you ever heard of any of these remixes before? There might be some that stick out as the most popular but there are none that were popular on a widescale comparable to the elevel of popularity from other popular remixes in previous posts.


 I'll start off by saying that highlights in electro this week were a hard thing to pick, the remixes were all so good. You see at first I thought it might me the Mawashi remix with it's traumatizing builds, electro funk sounds and Daft Punk vocals. Yet the Audio Jacked remix hits just as hard and brings a heavy rock n roll electro remix into the picture. Even more the Frost DJ Sexx remix has a scratching synth and repeating vocals that had my head in a twirl. And still theres the Punk Rolla remix with almost moombah sounds?!? But in the end I had to give it too the Leather Selecters remix for following the most "Electro" sounds and by keeping me on the edge of my seat with high energy beats.

      Birthday (Mawashi Remix)
Download: The Beatles - Birthday (Mawashi Remix)

      Come Together (Audio Jacked Remix)
Download: The Beatles - Come Together (Audio Jacked Remix)

      Taxman (Frost Dj Sexx Remix)
Download: The Beatles - Taxman (Frost Dj Sexx Remix)

      Getting Better (Punk Rolla Remix)
Download:The Beatles - Getting Better (Punk Rolla Remix) 

      Lucy in the Sky with the Diamond (Leather Selecters Remix)
Download: The Beatles - Lucy in the Sky with the Diamond (Leather Selecters Remix)

      Come Together (A.Skillz Remix)
Download: The Beatles - Come Together (A.Skillz Remix)

      And I Love Her (Allure Remix)
Download: The Beatles - And I Love Her (Allure Remix)


I've done a section like this before (In the Katy Perry Remixed post) except it was Euro Techno Remixes. I guess this wouldn't be considered "euro techno" but it certainly is in the techno/house remix section. It has all the smooth drops and repetitive beats and song length you could ask for. So next time your in a club raving out on unknown substances I got you covered. Highlights on David Berries Remix for a incredible yet smooth drop. 

 The Beatles "Tomorrow Never Knows" (DIRTYHERTZ remix)

      Dear Prudence (David Berrie Remix)
Download: The Beatles - Dear Prudence (David Berrie Remix)

      Day Tripper (Smush Moguls Remix)
Download: The Beatles - Day Tripper (Smush Moguls Remix)

      01 With A Little Help From My Friends (Loydeho Funk vs. Vicious Vic Club Remix)
Download: The Beatles - With A Little Help From My Friends (Loydeho Funk vs. Vicious Vic Club Remix)

      Yesterday (Saints Corp Remix)
Download: The Beatles - Yesterday (Saint Corps Remix)


These are your "Chill Out" remixes but since we're dealing with The Beatles here it felt only fit to throw pyschedelic in the title as well. Highlights on Brassica Remix for that reason, and the strangeness of it attracts me for some reason unknown. Also if you listen to these remixes there is more of a groovy hypnotizing synth  in here to give it that psychedelic side more than the normal calming beats mixed with accoustic guitar or a light synth. So instead of your usual roll a J and sit back and chill... it's more drop some acid sit back and trip... 

      A Day In The Life (Brassica Remix)
Download:The Beatles - A Day In The Life (Brassica Remix)

      Eleanor Rigby (Skill Remix)
Download: The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby (Skill Remix)

      Sun King (Facu Cruz Remix)
Download: The Beatles - Sun King (Facu Cruz Remix)

      Flying (Arcturus Remix)
Download: The Beatles - Flying (Arcturus Remix)

      Love You To (Quick Remix)
Download: The Beatles - Love You To (Quick Remix)


Call it funk, call it disco, call it Nu-Disco, call it whatever new abstract combination of titles you hipsters have invented today. It's funk, plain and simple. Just listen as the repeating loops and funky drums take you back. Highlights on Paul Gettos remix, one of my favourite remixes here and tied for first so kudos Paul Getto. I Am the Walrus was a already upbeat song as it was. This just gave it so much more potential. 

      I Am the Walrus (Paul Getto Remix)
Download: The Beatles - I Am the Walrus (Paul Getto Remix)

      Eleanor Rigby (Short Circuit Remix)
Download: The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby (Short Circuit Remix)

      01 Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (Streetlab Remix)
Download: The Beatles - Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (Streetlab Remix)


Wompppp womp, wa-wa-wa-wa-WOMP. That was my text replication of dubstep.  Really impressed this week with the dubstep I found. I thought it was going to be a slaughtering field of bedroom DJ's trying to use their illegally downloaded software studios to try and remix the classics but fail brutally. Instead it was a slaughtering field of builds, drops, and womps. Enjoy. Highlights on David Lee Crows remix. 

      Eleanor RIgby (Warrior Music Remix)
Download: The Beatles - Eleanor RIgby (Warrior Music Remix)

      A Day In the Life (Statik Dubstep Remix)
Download: The Beatles - A Day In the Life (Statik Dubstep Remix)

      Come Together (Omega Dubstep Remix)
Download: The Beatles - Come Together (Omega Dubstep Remix)

      Because (David Lee Crow Remix)
Download: The Beatles - Because (David Lee Crow Remix)

      Hey Jude (Statik LA Z boy Remix)
Download: The Beatles - Hey Jude (Statik LA-Z boy Remix)

      Eleanor Rigby (Butch Clancy Remix)
Download: The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby (Butch Clancy Remix)


 I wasn't quite sure what this remix section should be labelled since it wasn't really electro or funk remixes. I decided to label it Chopped and Screwed Remixes because most of the vocals in these remixes have been chopped and screwed. I even debated the title Rock N Roll Remixes because you can defiantly here different drum/guitar patterns in some of the remixes. Give them a listen and give a comment below as to what title you would put them under. Highlights on Crizzly Bear Remix.

      Hey Bulldog (Crizzly Bear Remix)
Download: The Beatles - Hey Bulldog (Crizzly Bear Remix)

      Helter Skelter (Soundhog Remix)
Download: The Beatles - Helter Skelter (Soundhog Remix)


My overall favourite remix is the Kaytradamus Remix so congratulations Kaytradamus! There are several reasons why I choose Kaytradamus's remix above others and thats for the fact of the smooth yet absolutely filthy vibes on this track. Yes, I did just say filthy and no this is not a dubstep track. That's right, a song that is more filthy than any dubstep track and it's simply just beat orientated. That final minute and thirty seconds is just wincing to listen too. And the beginning beats? Simply terrifying. I love it. Enjoy!

      Eleanor Rigby (Kaytradamus Remix)
Download: The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby (Kaytradamus Remix)

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