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Jonathan Visger's Absofacto.

Jonathan Visger is a man with pop intelligence. As a singer in Mason Proper, he also writes beautifully constructed lyrics for his own band, Absofacto. Comparing people is never fair but after some research on Jonathan, I kept linking him to indie mastermind Jason Schwartzman and his band, Coconut Records. Maybe you can hear it too, his intonations?

One of my lazy music confessions is downloading the monthly BIRP and that is how I discovered Absofacto.  "Whose Side Are You On Anyway?" was first introduced to me last year. I quickly fell in love with Jonathan's lilting voice and the mellow foot-tapping tempo. Then came along "80844264@81 (Love Song)" and his newest single "Feathers (Don't Change on Me)." My appreciation for Absofacto increases after every track release.

Jonathan currently has his first collection of singles all on one album, Sinking Islands.

Visit his site and get all of them!

      Whose Side Are You On Anyway_
Download: Absofacto - Whose Side Are You On Anyway?

      8084426481 (Love Song)
Download: Absofacto - 80844264@81 (Love Song)

      Feathers (Dont Change on Me)
Download: Absofacto - Feathers (Don't Change on Me)



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