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Max Cooper - Empirisch EP

The word is in: Max Cooper has officially abandon academia to pursuit a full-time career in music, a choice he describes in a lengthy interview with WRG Magazine, which you can read here.  The young musician announces his plans to pursue music shortly after his newest EP, entitled Empirisch, was released this Monday, September 5 via Traum Schallplatten.  

Cooper seems to be averted to any sort of long-playing format, choosing yet another EP for his seventh release for TraumEmpirisch sparkles into mechanic delays and Aphex Twin style computer-overload sounds with "Echoes Reality."  The eight-minute opener slowly builds into harmonic chords overlapping with female Gregorian Chant-style pads and eventually breaks into a distortion heavy, slow-release shoegazing synthesizer, pushing the melodic drive into emotional counterpoint.  "Echoes Reality" is the staple of the Empirisch EP. 

Stream: Max Cooper - Echoes Reality

Cooper then revisits "The End of Reason," working the already ambient track into an even more ambient edit, lacking any sort of dance-floor credibility present in most of Cooper's other tracks.

Stream: Max Cooper - The End Of Reason (Ambient Rework)

"Darkroom" kicks off with a deep, digitized lion-roar, which periodically re-enters the track reminding the listener of its ominous presence.  The third track never seems to recapture the impact of "Echoes Reality," but pushes the EP onward nonetheless.

Stream: Max Cooper - Darkroom

You can buy the Empirisch EP at the following online retailers:


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