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Birdy Nam Nam - Goin' In

Oh no electro isn't dead yet - resuscitating all that's left the Parisian collective Birdy Nam Nam released their second single off their anticipated hiatus snapping album Defiant Order. Can I call these guys a boy band without stirring up the wrong image? Goin In' is a jab at house music with a Compton attitude. Think NWA trying to fit in at EDC. And to usher in their dynasty there's a video to pay homage to history and creativity. A neon empire ruled by Genghis Khan on acid.

      02 Goin In (Noob Remix)
Download: Birdy Nam Nam - Goin' In (Noob Remix)

With a remix package that flaunts it's red, white, and blue Bordeux producer Noob comes out on top and goes even harder than the original. A peak smasher with no room left for manners so kick, punch, and scream all you like fuck being polite. Follow the nam as they get ready to launch a new LP, and what better way for you to prepare than to skim through their catalogue that spans back to almost a decade of tunage.

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