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The Black Dog - Liber Temple

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British techno legends The Black Dog are some of the most influential players who have helped to define IDM and electronic music of the 1990s and 2000s, alongside other major names like Aphex Twin and Autechre.  September 5, 2011, saw Dust Science release Liber Temple--The Black Dog's second installment of the Liber singles series.  This group of 12" singles have come after the release of their critically acclaimed take on Brian Eno's Music for Airports, entitled Music for Real Airports. 

Liber Temple follows in the wake of Liber Kult, which was released in July, 2011.  The track names here hint at the atonal chaos and driving force of the two tracks included.  "Heavy Industry," built from mechanic field recordings around Sheffield audible in the metallic hi-hats and kick drums, hypnotizes the listener into what The Black Dog refers to as 'dark-wave techno.'  Oscillating through the listener's ears are plenty of breaks and drives that keep "Heavy Industry" moving to the point of a sort of labourious-ear-exhaustion, similar to the physical fatigue of factory work. 

      The Black Dog - Liber Temple - 01 Heavy Industry
Stream: The Black Dog - Heavy Industry

"Greedy Gutter Guru," while slightly less industrial sounding, filters its way through a more melodic journey of 'dark-wave techno.' 

      The Black Dog - Liber Temple - 02 Greedy Gutter Guru
Stream: The Black Dog - Greedy Gutter Guru

The Black Dog are continually pushing creative electronic boundaries, both in the more ambient and dance-floor oriented worlds.  The final release of the Liber series will be the next project bearing the Black Dog name and is yet to be released. 

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