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Atlas Sound Announces New Album

Bradford Cox, frontman for the psychedelic and ambient Deerhunter, recently announced that his side project, Atlas Sound, will be releasing a new album this fall.

Titled Parallax , the new album will be Atlas Sound's follow-up to 2009's Logos. The album will be released on November 8 on 4AD. Listen to Parallax's debut track "Terra Incognita" and check out the album's tracklist below. 

      Atlas Sound - Terra Incognita
Download: Atlas Sound - Terra Incognita 

1. The Shakes 
2. Amplifiers 
3. Te Amo 
4. Parallax 
5. Modern Aquatic Nightsongs 
6. Mona Lisa 
7. Praying Man 
8. Doldrums 
9. My Angel Is Broken 
10. Terra Incognita 
11. Flagstaff 
12. Nightworks

Ambient · Chillwave · Indie · Synth


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